Anniversary Announcement!

Hi folks! Derek here. Today is I Quit My Job’s birthday. On this day in 2015, Travis and I released our first little conversation about this podcast, what we wanted it to be and where we wanted it to go. Now well into our second season, I think we’ve done a good job of reaching those goals, and have had the chance to play with the format from time to time as well.

We’ve had some really fascinating conversations with some brilliant songwriters over the past year and are looking forward to many, many more. In the meantime, Travis and I have both moved apartments since the launch of this thing, and came to realize that living nearly 400km apart created some challenges. So this season we’ve loosened things up and each started doing the occasional solo interview.

But that’s beside the point. Today, on the first anniversary of IQMJ, we have a big announcement.


I’m proud to say that Blues and Roots Radio, ‘The Voice of the Independent Artist’, will be syndicating I Quit My Job: A Podcast about Songwriting. This online radio station based in Mississauga, Ontario and Melbourne, Australia will be airing IQMJ bi-weekly Thursday starting March 17th.

That’s one week from today and is also the first anniversary of our first guest, Luke Michielsen, who’s interview will be the first episode aired on Blues and Roots Radio. We’re really excited to be working with these folks!

So thanks so much to everyone who’s been listening, sharing, subscribing and rating I Quit My Job. The word is getting out and we hope you all come along for the ride as we grow this thing!

See you next week!